created some U2 remixes in the past months. For bandwith's sake I will not publish them all at the same time, but I will always try to have one mix or one special MP3 available here!

Just a few U2-ringtones I created (in MP3 format), free to use for whoever likes them.


Angelique Kidjo (featuring Bono and John Legend) - Move On Up.mp3
Angelique Kidjo's new album "Oyo" was released early 2010. On that album, she "Returns to Her Roots to Interpret the Music That Inspired Her Growing Up in Benin." One of the songs she recorded, was the Curtis Mayfield song "Move On Up". She is accompanied by Bono and John Legend. Just listen to this wonderful version of a wonderful song, it really gives me a happy and "summery" feeling!


Get On Your Boots (JR's Radio Mix)
Get On Your Boots with a lot of FM/AM static and secret morse-coded messages; here's my mix of U2's latest single. Clicking on the title above will get you the mp3-download. But you can also click here to see the accompanying video I put up on Youtube.


Elbow - Running To Stand Still
Released in February 2009 on the album "Heroes", of which all proceeds go to War Child. So, after downloading this song, go out and buy the entire album!


MLK's Pride (Free At Last)
Check out this page, dedicated to a "historical mix" I did. I called it "MLK's Pride (Free At Last)" and it's 2 of U2's songs which were based on the life and message of Martin Luther King mixed with fragments of Dr. King's speeches.


U2 / The Beatles - Walrus In The Skies
A mix I did on January 4th 2007 of U2's "Window In The Skies" and The Beatles' "I Am The Walrus". Also contains a sample of The Beatles' "Within You Without You".


U2 - One Storm
Although I like "One" so incredibly much, and remixing seems like blasphemy to me, I still tried to do a version that keeps the dark soul of the song. Check out what I did to it, mixing it with tiny bits of "Electrical Storm", "All I want is you" and sounds of a thunderstorm...


U2 Live on Rock Werchter, July 3rd 1983




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