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This is Charles, my neighbour´s cat, being interested in my camera Close up of a stone torso of an African woman Another close up of a stone torso of an African woman. A golden oldie from my black & white period, shot around 1989. My 1910 One Pound Sterling coin after Photoshop treatment.
Lapin Kulta, my favourite Finnish beer. Best served cold, so on a hot summersday you can see the dewdrops on the can Evening view from my hotel-window in Oulu, Finland. Tree reaching for the Rovaniemi sky, 2003. Luka´s eye, september 2003. Emma´s eye, september 2003.
Another one of Charles, or Charlie as I nicknamed him. He´s a real poser. Got a plant, got a camera, got an idea! My magical lamp; it's magic... Helsinki Finland, summer 2005. Broken window of old Mercedes Boattrip near Äänekoski Finland, summer 2005. Nature prepares a nice shower.
Detail of painting ´Vegas Copa´ by Herman Brood. Fallen fruit in wintertime Indian woman in traditional saree (took this picture in Chennai, India, May 2007) Beautiful big old beech-tree on a sunny winter day. Utrecht Holland (Emmalaan), december 22nd 2007. Snowy branches against the winter sky. Utrecht Holland (Wilhelminapark), december 22nd 2007.
Young family feeding ducks and geese in wintertime. Utrecht Holland (Wilhelminapark), december 22nd 2007. Luka is Luka. Period. Emma is Emma. Period. Pictures of Claw Boys Claw performing in WATT, Rotterdam. December 20th 2008. Sunset over Tampere Finland, August 2nd 2009.
Le Mont Saint Michel, France. August 2010. Spiral staircase inside the Phare D'Eckmuhl lighthouse, France. August 2010. Pictures of Paul Weller performing in Tivoli, Utrecht. September 16th 2010. North Sea Jazz 2011 (July 8, 9 & 10), Ahoy Rotterdam.
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